Social Services Case Management Software

Kids and their parents need help for lots of different reasons.  Sexual abuse, domestic violence, poverty, disabilities and criminal activity can make growing up all that much harder.  We design easy to use social service case management software to help Social Services Agencies, Child Advocacy Centers, Sexual Abuse Crisis Counseling Centers, Multi-Disciplinary Teams, Missing Persons Organizations, Vocational Service Organizations and Youth Services Bureaus (YSB)s. Advocacy Pro TM comes in several versions and is available in both single site versions or multi organization configurations.  The original version was designed for MDT use at a state or regional level.  Since many providers are independent organizations or do not currently participate in a multi-disciplinary team environment, we also have a single site version.

As hard as some of these life changing situations are for children, it can be just as devastating for parents.  If you have ever been on an airplane you have heard the safety instructions.  “In the event of a change in cabin pressure, put the mask on yourself first and then put it on your child”.  The same rules apply here.  Take care of yourself, so you can take care of your child. is being developed as an interactive coaching tool to help parents develop a strategy for dealing with challenges that will last several years.

If you would like to participate in the initial rollout of please email

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