AdvocacyPro offers easy to use, web based social services and human services case management software.  We specialize in software for campus violence, sexual assault, missing persons, residential facilities and domestic violence.

We have been developing case management software for almost 20 years.  Our solutions have been used by single person non-profit agencies, networks of affiliated organizations, and large state social service agencies.

Over the years we’ve seen case management as an evolutionary process.  The mechanics are the same regardless of the tools that you are using.  We’ve been involved in projects where users wanted the kitchen sink as part of the functionality.  Others started from ground zero and weren’t sure where they wanted to go with things.  Both end up taking the same path.  After about a year of using an electronic case management system, they start to see the path that they want to move forward.  This can involve stripping out functionality that really didn’t meet their need, or adding key functions that they hadn’t thought of early on.  We prefer the later approach.  It is best to start with the bare minimum and see what direction the system takes you.  It’s a lower cost approach, and it really helps you move in the direction that you really want to go.

While we are looking at cloud based options, due to the nature of the data, we prefer to install our software on your organization’s servers.  Having an IT department does help in this capacity.  Systems have become somewhat more complex to configure and administer on the backend, but our software remains pretty simple.  We haven’t done training classes in over a decade.  Once users understand the relationship between clients and intake events, it becomes pretty self explanatory.  The one exception is our systems which support individual grant funding allocation which is both complicated to administer conceptually and time consuming in the software.  Fortunately, this only applies to our systems that support disabled populations that are funded through multiple sources.