Better than Free Case Management Software?

What could be better than free case management software?  And no it doesn’t include chocolate or a pony.  Over the years I’ve implemented case management systems for a variety of social services, human services and criminal justice programs and whether the price tag has had zero or six zeros in it, someone still has to manage it.  The challenge here is that the amount of system administration and management doesn’t exactly scale with the size of the system.  It can take almost as much effort to administer a system for a small non-profit as it does for a large state agency.  A lot depends on how you are using the system, what sort of reports you need, and what sort of things you need to manage your grant funding.  Even free case management software needs someone to take care of it.

Hosted case management system

Over the coming months I’m planning to roll out hosted versions of AdvocacyPro’s case management system.  Based on security and customization needs, I’m initially planning versions for refugee services (, half-way house services, and domestic violence.  These advocacy software solutions will have minimum customization options but all users will have the opportunity to share in enhancements.  The system will evolve over time based on the needs of the users.  No it’s not  free case management software, but you will have someone to to manage your system.

Getting started

Want to be a beta user for our new case management software versions?  You have the luxury to define some of the initial functionality, have your data converted from your legacy system, get in at a special rate, and help us build the system.

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