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free case management softwareI periodically get requests for case management software for free.  The issue presents some logistic and economic challenges so I haven’t gone down this path up until now.  Over the next couple months I am hoping to  create free case management software versions for several advocacy software versions of advocacy pro.  Certain functions will be limited but most smaller agencies could use the system for several months before needing to upgrade.  The intent is that the full version upgrade would be a monthly subscription that would be within the reach of most agencies.

In order to use the system you must have a Window’s server you can use as a web server.  Just about any size box will do.  You could have an old Windows NT box and this will work fine.  Anything running IIS will work.  In theory you could run it on a shared web hosting account.  Technically it works, but this is not the most secure solution.  Having someone who knows how to use IIS is also a plus, but not a requirement.  As long as I can have remote access to your environment I can set you up, but this isn’t free.

The free version is intended for a single organization configuration, but if you are part of a network, I can give you the multi-site configuration.  The system was designed to support multiple agencies and consolidation of reporting for state agencies.

Versions will be available for vocational services, domestic abuse, child advocacy centers, missing persons, and youth services.  Note these are somewhat stripped down versions so there are functions that might be missing or that work differently than you would like.  While using the free versions you are welcome to submit suggestions for changes and you will get free upgrades as they are produced.  Changes from paid users take precedence but I may be make changes from free users as time allows.  The hope is that you will get enough value from the free version that you will want to upgrade in the future.

As a user of a free case management software version you agree to not alter or distribute the software.   But feel free to tell others about it.  I’m hoping to build in a referral component so you earn credit toward the paid version if other agencies you refer sign up with a paid version.

If you are interested in a version for your organization I will need some details about the version you might need,  your mission, population size, IT contact, etc.  I need to setup a support profile for you and applicable keys for your system.   Please email me at and we can start the process.

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