Case Management Software update 2014

Lots of changes in the works for the existing case management software versions as well as several new versions. The refugee services version is almost done. This is available as a self hosted or hosted application on a subscription basis.

The youth services case management software version has been expanded to address a continuum of care across multiple agencies. An at risk youth can be tracked for a variety of services and programs which may be offered by a school, youth services, court diversionary programs, or a children and families organization. Additional modules now include arrests, placements, services provided, and program participation.

We will be shortly releasing a court victim services version. It is designed for courts that are not using VINE, but can used by VINE users as well. The case management component is applicable to all court victim advocates.

The free version specifically for child sexual assault is being discontinued. It was old, and had a variety of problems with scaling it down from the enterprise version. A new paid version, with all updates from the newer versions will be available shortly. I’ve been told it is still less than half the price of other products so if you are a Child Advocacy Center in need of a system let me know.

The halfway house application is being standardized for a larger audience and will be available early in 2014.

The college crime reporting system is currently available for beta testing. Unlike other systems which focus on crime stats reporting for Clery Act compliance, this system is focused more on victim case management and services delivery. It is designed for a multi-disciplinary team approach to victim services involving campus police and other support professionals. A single system could be scaled to support all colleges within a region or state with individual reporting at the college level and agregate reporting at the state level in real time.

I am in the process of standardizing most versions so the features, look and feel is similar across all versions. There are a variety of differences in the search and intake functions, but more things are customizable especially in the services sections. Domestic violence and homeless systems are on track to be available in early 2014.

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