Cloud Based Case Management

Welcome to the Cloud

Lots going on this spring and we are about to make a big leap forward with our case management software – hence the title of this email.  One of the biggest challenges we have seen for both actual and potential customers is getting your IT department (if you have one) to setup the server.  We are working on taking that out of the equation through cloud based services.  We will start beta testing the first cloud based case management version for colleges later this month.

We have a totally new look and feel, and a new architecture that will eventually let us support iPhone and Android apps for data lookup and entry in the field as well.  We are also beefing up security so it’s probably more secure than if it was on your own network.  Setup can now take place much faster and you don’t need to worry about administering a server.  The big advantage for most users is the barrier to entry is much lower.  Setup is streamlined and less expensive and you pay a low monthly fee.

Along the same lines, we are updating all our software versions one last time in the current architecture so they can eventually be transitioned to the new architecture.  The new architecture will be available for in house versions, but we are encouraging the cloud option.

Software versions

Here are some of the services we currently support:

Child Advocacy Centers
Police/Court victim services
Residential treatment facilities or Housing authorities
Municipal Social Services
Campus Safety / Clery Act reporting / Victim services
Officer Involved Shooter tracking and support
Missing Persons
Refugee Services
Halfway Houses
Domestic Violence

Let us know if you are ready to upgrade or replace your case management approach.  We would love to have you join us as we spring forward (remember to reset your clocks next weekend).

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