It would be nice if everyone could use the same version, but there is a lot of diversity out there.  Custom software seems to be the standard when it comes to social services case management software.  Some organizations need to work with specialized time tracking systems, others have mainframes that are the source of certain types of data.  And if you have a client type we haven’t worked with before, we can usually combine several existing modules as a starting point to give you the functionality you need.

Here are some of the modules that we can incorporate into your custom software solution.

Service Tracking – our customizable service matrix lets you track different types of services over time.  Some organizations only do one time service tracking so alternatively we have a checklist option for just one time service contact.

Residential Management – if you have a residential population you need to track room availability and in some cases tracking of residents (correctional, elder care, group homes).

Grant Funding Allocation – this generally only applies to disabled populations or some workforce development programs.  This allows grants to be tracked against individuals and can be time or dollar limited.  Note:  We don’t recommend this module unless it is a requirement of your grant funding.  It is extremely time intensive to manage, and most organizations really don’t need it.