Domestic Violence

AdvocacyPro for domestic violence is designed for the needs of police and non-profits dealing with domestic violence issues.  The system tracks demographics for reporting purposes as well as services provided.   The web based case management software can be used by a single non-profit agency or for an entire state with multiple locations.   The system is designed to allow multiple agencies access to the same client pool.    All users have a unique login and then system supports multiple levels of security.   One instance of the software can support users in multiple offices.  Information can be shared between offices, or restricted depending on on client preferences.

The days of paper forms and filing should be behind us.  Data that is put on paper tends to stay on paper.  Data that gets put in a computer is more likely to be shared and acted upon.  Also reporting with paper takes time away from other activities.  Why would you spend time doing your VOCA reporting by pulling all of your files and counting demographics when you could hit a button and have all the details at your fingertips.   Here’s the chance to join the 21st century for about the cost of a daily trip to your favorite coffee shop.

The dashboard and navigation are configurable based on needs of the organization.  Optional modules for resource directories, useful links, schools, police agencies, discussion forums, etc.  can be configured as needed.  The dashboard can be modified to show current statistics, unassigned cases, or other functions based on user needs.  We can set different role permissions for access and workflow based on your organization’s needs.

The case record can include different components.   Sub sections allow inclusion of parent information, sibling information, case demographics, services delivered, schools attended, uploaded documents, etc.

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