Case Management Software FAQs

Q: How much is AdvocacyPro case management software?

A: All versions are $1500 for one organization/location and $500 per year for maintenance (which allows you to submit bugs and get updates) beginning in year 2.  Customization, installation support and data conversion is billed separately on an hourly basis.

Q: Can multiple organizations use the same system?

A: Yes – the system was originally designed as a regional hub.  Each agency sees only their data, but a parent organization or state agency can do aggregate reporting.  Each additional organization is $500 per year beginning in year one.

Q:  What about partner organizations accessing the system?

A:  There is no additional charge for partner organizations as long as they don’t have separate case loads.  Typically partners have a different security level.



Q: Do you host your case management software?

A:  I do for a few clients, but generally no.  I am hoping to launch a couple versions as hosted solutions which will have an initial setup costs and then a monthly subscription.

Q: How many machines can I install it on?

A:  AdvocacyPro is a web based case management application so it is installed on a single web server.  You can then have as many users as you want.  There is nothing to install.

Q: What is the database?

A:  The system comes with either an access or SQL server database depending on volume.  Access is usually adequate for a small office.  SQL server will support up to an entire state’s worth of users.  I have also done a custom version in MySQL, but I don’t generally support it.

Q: Do you have a free or trial version?

There is a vanilla case management system that can be upgraded to one of the customized versions, or simply customized.  Or if your needs are simple – just used straight out of the box.    If you are interested in the free version just email me at and I’ll send you the download information.

Q:  Is the system configurable?

A:  most dropdowns and menu items are configurable within the application.  Fields, labels and things like that require customization.

Q: I don’t see my discipline listed, can you build it?

A: Every system is customized to some degree, it’s really just a matter of how many pieces have already been build and what your needs are.

Q:  Do you provide support?

A: Yes.  But if you have your own IT staff, they probably can take care of it themselves.