While we are clearly in the software business, we recognize that most of our customers are grant funded non-profits who don’t always have money for systems, or have experience using a case management system.  That’s why we offer free case management software.  The free version of AdvocacyPro can be your starter system.  You can get used to automated case management, and get a feel for features you would need for your business focus.

Our free case management software will run on just about any windows server with Internet Information Server (IIS).  Everything is contained in the same file structure which is easy to use for the smaller organization.  We don’t make changes to it very often so it hasn’t changed much in the last 5 years.

Note our free case management software is really a starting point for organizations who are automating their case management because it isn’t customized to any population.  It will give you basic customer data capture capability across a small enterprise but almost everyone needs some degree of customization.

If you want a copy of the free version, just fill out the contact form and we will send you the download link.  All versions follow the same data structure so starting from free it a good way to move to one of the paid solutions.  The paid versions offer better performance for a larger organization and better data security.   The customized versions can also be used to support thousands of clients across multiple locations.  The free version is really geared towards a single location that services less than 300 clients per year.