Free Case Management System Finally Available


AdvocacyPro has two free case management versions available.   The basic free version is a generic case management system.  It has a basic intake and search capability.  document and image upload, case notes, and a simple report capability.  It is web based and supports an unlimited number of users.  It is intended for a single location, but it can be expanded for use by a group of organizations, or even an entire state.    This is intended as a vanilla system.   Additional modules or customizations can be added at a modest cost.

An older, but more robust free case management system is also available for Child Advocacy Centers for dealing with child sexual assault.   It’s geared towards clinical intake rather than the needs of a rape crisis center.  The case record has multiple sub sections but it has a different reporting structure.   Additional modules or customizations can be added at a modest cost.

Both systems are scaled down to run on access.  It should be sufficient to support up to 300 cases annually with a staff of 10-15 users.  (The expanded version will support multiple locations with thousands of intakes annually)  It will run on a small server preferably with WindowsXP Pro or Windows 7 Pro.   It will also run on a shared web hosting account, although these don’t always offer adequate security.

Both systems are intended as a starting point.  I’ve implemented many systems and it often takes organizations a couple years before they figure out everything they want a system to do.  This way you can start with the basics and add functionality as your needs and budget allow.

Contact us to download the free version and let us know what sort of customizations you might want.  We have built lots of modules for many common functions, and if we haven’t built it, just tell us know what you want.

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