group home management software

Our group home management software has a few more bells and whistles than the free case management version, but is generally all a small group home needs.  This version is geared towards transitional living clients such as recently incarcerated individuals, independent living clients from various specialized clients.  If you provide individual services to clients which need to be tracked back to separate grants, we have an optional module to track to track funding allocations.  We generally don’t recommend doing this unless your sources of funding require it.  If you are in that boat you probably already know how much of a pain it is.

The group home management software is geared towards an average population of less than 20 individuals.  If you have a larger residential population, the optional bed management functionality can help you manage  multiple buildings and a larger population.  Note the advocacy software doesn’t do time based bed management.  I have implemented this for some organizations and people are just as likely to make mistakes by back dating placements as they are using date based bed management.  Tracking room placements by time is harder to administer for everyone, and it’s harder to fix when someone makes a mistake.  We don’t include a lot of bells and whistles with our systems unless you need them.  The object is to get staff using the system with about 5-10 minutes worth of training and not breaking anything in the process.

As with all of our systems, the core case management application can be expanded to include to include a variety of modules and variations including:

  • Employment tracking
  • Placement tracking
  • Education tracking
  • Clinical and medical appointments
  • Donations received
  • Community service hours
  • Case level tracking (all of our systems are configured by default to track individual people.  Case level tracking is appropriate for programs like WIC, refugee assistance, and others where one person in the household is associated as the primary beneficiary.)

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