AdvocacyPro’s mission is to creates custom case management software for under-served social services specialties such as domestic violence, sexual assault, youth services, missing persons, refugee services, and victim services.  All of our software is web based to allow staff flexibility in how and where they do data entry.

It’s hard enough for a victim of sexual assault or domestic violence to come for help.  Sitting down with a case worker and have their intake done on paper doesn’t instill a sense of confidence.  That was the start of our family’s experience over 10 years ago.  I still see that today.  Paper forms get filed, and that’s where the information stays.  We watched our information get filed/misfiled and forgotten by 2 different agencies that were supposed to help us.  Data collection in our systems is geared towards complete data gathering, automated reporting, and sharing between different groups such as medical, police, and counselors.

Prior to sitting in the victim chair we already had experience with case management software for other disciplines.  Our systems were designed for the case workers as much clients.  Social workers are all about helping people.  Doing paperwork is not always a top priority.  This ends up being a double edge sword especially if you are trying to work within a Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT) approach.  If you don’t put the information on paper to start, you don’t have retype information for reports.  This saves time to spend more time helping people.

For those of you not familiar with an MDT, police, social workers, doctors and clinicians all work together on a common mission.  Our systems are designed for all members of the team to have access to the system.  As participants move through the process, all the service providers have access to the same information.  Granted some information may not be appropriate for all providers, so there is built in security to control access as applicable.

Most recently we have started building victim systems for colleges which have some additional needs.  Most sexual assaults are reported to campus police.  Some are not recorded, and many are not followed up on because there isn’t a link between campus police and counselors.  This can result in Clery Act violations, and multi-million dollar lawsuits for Title IX violations.  For about the cost of a daily trip to Starbucks, colleges can help serve their community and potentially reduce their legal exposure from not properly serving the needs of victims on their campuses.  Check out CampusSafetyPro.