Officer Involved Shooting

Officer involved shooting incidents are getting lots more attention than they have in past years.  This can often be the worst day in a police officer’s career or their life depending on the outcome.  Communities are looking for transparency in officer involved shooting investigations, and police departments need to make sure they handle the incident appropriately.

AdvocacyPro’s officer involved shooting case management system is a web based system to track both the incidents and services that may be provided to an officer.

Officer Involved officer3


Core Case Record

The core of the case record includes all the details of the incident and those involved in the investigation:

  • Details of the officer involved shooting
  • Shooter team members assigned to the investigation
  • Witnesses
  • Next of kin of applicable
  • Lawyers who may be involved in the case
  • Uploaded documents

Ongoing support record

Return to duty considerations may include legal ramifications, post traumatic stress issues, medical issues, or other considerations.  Our case management system also tracks the following:

  • Referrals to services
  • Services provided
  • Case notes
  • Contact log

The system can be configured for a single department or an entire county or state.

We are currently still beta testing this version so we are inviting police departments to try the system at a reduced cost.  The annual costs is probably less than what your department spends on coffee.

We are hoping that our officer involved shooting case management software will help restore confidence in police departments when media may be working against them.  We also hope this becomes a tool for retention of good officers who might need additional support after a shooting incident.

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