Prison Rape Elimination Act Software

We are currently working on two different applications for Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) compliance tracking.   The first application is a data collection template to help you gather all required information for your PREA audit.  For most organizations PREA pre-certification is a large paperwork exercise.  Print out a bunch of paper forms, and then start setting up a bunch of folders to save all the documents for the auditor to look at when you go through the PREA audit.  Then there is next year when you get to do it all over again.

Our PREA data collection tool works with Microsoft Office 2010 and higher and lives on your network.  Everyone who is involved with your PREA pre-certification can check off compliance items and upload the required documents to a single location.  When you are done gathering your data, you can actually give a copy of the entire application to your auditor to speed up the process.

The application is licensed for use on a per site basis for one audit period and is less than the cost of a consultant spending a few hours to help you figure this out.   The tool should be available for general download on Sept 1, 2014.

The second application is more in keeping with our regular victim case management software applications.  While individual facilities can use the application, certain facilities have low PREA incidents but still need to be compliant.  A single instance of the application can support the PREA reporting needs of multiple organizations or potentially even an entire state.  Records of PREA events can be segregated for a particular facility, and aggregate reports for the state/region can be run as well by an administrative organization.  While adult facilities may need a dedicated system, juvenile facilities may be more easily able to share a single system.  The base version planned will cover the basic PREA requirements, but the various versions (adult, juvenile, community confinement) will be developed as needed based on demand.  Many correctional and juvenile justice systems already address most  of the reporting requirements for PREA, but many community providers that now fall under PREA have not had these reporting requirements in the past.  The system is available as a web based tool running on a Windows platform with database configurations for both small and large organizations.

With the rapid adoption of the Prison Rape Elimination Act, I realize organizations are playing catch-up to be compliant and simply determine whether PREA applies to their program or not.  For details, check out the PREA Resource Center.  Our PREA reporting system should be available on October 1, 2014.  Contact us for more details.

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