Sexual assault tracking for colleges

Sexual assault tracking for colleges
sexual assault tracking for college - Case Management Software for Clery act reporting for collegesThe Penn State sexual abuse scandal has really raised the awareness about the need for sexual abuse services on college campuses.  The need for sexual assault tracking for colleges is becoming a new focus for most schools.  Most people don’t know about the Jeanne Clery act which also known as the Crime and College Security Act of 1990.   She was a freshman at Lehigh University when I was a Senior.  Much like the shuttle disasters and 9/11, I can tell you were I was and what I was doing at the time  that I heard the news.  Once again Pennsylvania is in the spotlight, but colleges around the country are waking up the the fact that they need to do more for student safety and they also need a way to keep track of the problem.

AdvocacyPro specifically for college assault tracking will be available in early February 2013.  The advocacy software and case management system is simple enough that a small private campus can run it without a separate administrator or dedicated server.  It’s also scaleable to support a state college system with multiple campuses.  The system provides tracking for both sexual and physical assault.  Reporting for fires is also provided to comply with Clery Act reporting requirments.  Some of the original clinical and medical sections are not included in the base package, but are available for campuses which may have medical facilities to do physical exams.

College sexual abuse tracking

Incidents can be tracked across multiple campuses, buildings and public areas.  Additional support is available for maps integration if locations are geocoded.

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