Victim Advocate Software

Victim Advocate Software

Crime victim services are often administered different in different states.  Our victim advocate software is designed around the case management needs of court victim advocates.  In this role they may be doing outreach, providing notifications (written or electronic), general case management and assisting victims with court issues.  While most courts and correctional organizations use VINE for notifications, this is really a communications tool and not a case management tool.  AdvocacyPro’s victim advocate software is focused more on the case management of the victim.  Letters can be generated to notify victims of upcoming court actions.  For courts which don’t use VINE currently, AdvocacyPro can integrate with third party providers for outbound calling and texting.

As with other versions of AdvocacyPro case management software, the victim services system is web based and allows multilevel security.  By default the system is setup to support a single court/office, but can also be configured for an entire state with multiple courts/offices.  Demographics is gathered on all services to allow for Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) reporting.

(  If you would like to see a demo of our victim advocate software or other versions of our case management systems, please contact us at

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