Advocacy ProTM evolved from personal experiences as a non-offender parent.   One painful lesson is that there is a large void between disclosure and justice that it is usually measured in years.  Most centers dealing with sexual abuse focus on crisis intervention, medical treatment, education and counseling.   Most centers have neither the expertise or resources to deal with clients during the duration of their personal struggles.  As a result, the limit of involvement is little more than triage in the overall scope of the services needs by children and their families. For many families the end point on services is sometime between the four and six month point.  If they are lucky, the legal phase of their journey is still 12-36 months away.  It’s during this hiatus that many families lose their resolve, self destruct, or otherwise choose not to continue the battle.  But sometimes, when the going gets tough, the tough build software.

Advocacy ProTM is an evolving application with several goals;

  • Create a series of tools that will empower victim families
  • Create a series of tools that will enhance the effectiveness of victim advocates
  • Allow crisis service organization to record and track their service delivery
  • Allow multidisciplinary teams to share information and resources
  • To increase the percentage of families willing to follow thru from start to finish
  • To provide consistency in service delivery
  • To reduce the amount of time families spend in the legal system