AdvocacyPro vocational services software was originally designed around the human services needs of the adult deaf population.  It can be modified for any special needs population.   The case management software can be used by a single non-profit agency or for an entire state with multiple locations.   The system is designed to allow multiple agencies access to the same client pool.    All users have a unique login and then system supports multiple levels of security.   One instance of the software can support users in multiple offices.  Information can be shared between offices, or restricted depending on on client preferences.

Vocational case management

The dashboard and navigation are configurable based on needs of the organization.  Optional modules for resource directories, useful links, schools, police agencies, discussion forums, etc.  can be configured as needed.  The dashboard can be modified to show current statistics, unassigned cases, or other functions based on user needs.

vocational dashboard

The case record can include different components.   Each record can include specifics about client needs – degree of loss in the case of blindness or deafness, level of functioning, independence, living situation, employment, etc.

Each client record has a variety of subsections.  There are individual sections for case contacts, document uploads, time tracking, job placements, referrals, etc.  The vocational services version has additional tracking for funding allocations.  Since each client may be funded by different agencies, allocations are tracked for each program and client.  Different rules can be set to expire funding allocations by dollar amount, date, or not at all.  funding allocations can be individually assigned or grant funded.

vocational case record

Reports can be automatically generated on a per office basis.  If being used by an entire state, reporting can be aggregated at the appropriate level.  Reports can be displayed as a web page, exported to excel, or as a word document.  (PDF is a future planned enhancement).  Charts and maps display using google maps is also supported.

Vocational reports

We will be adding a video demo shortly.  If you would like to see a demo, please contact us at

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