youth service bureau software

AdvocacyPro youth service bureau software  is now available for Youth Service Bureaus (YSBs). The web based youth service bureau software can be used by a single town agency or collectively by an entire state.  All users have a unique login and then system supports multiple levels of security.   One instance of the software can support users in multiple offices.  Information can be shared between offices, or restricted depending on on client preferences.

youth service bureau software

The dashboard and navigation are configurable based on needs of the organization.  Optional modules for resource directories, useful links, schools, police agencies, discussion forums, etc.  can be configured as needed.  The youth service bureau software dashboard can be modified to show current statistics, unassigned cases, or other functions based on user needs.

advocacy pro dashboard

The youth case record can include different components.   Sub sections allow inclusion of parent information, sibling information, case demographics, services delivered, schools attended, uploaded documents, etc.

case record

Annual reports can be automatically generated on a per office basis.  If being used by an entire state, reporting can be aggregated at the appropriate level.  Children who move from one town to another can also have their case file transfered to the new town youth service bureau.

The youth service bureau software has recently been updated to offer a full continuum of services for at risk youth from identification at the school or community level right through potential involvement with a child welfare or protection agency.  They system can support Families With Service Needs (FWSN) up through adjudicated youth.  This is not a SACWIS system but does meet many of the characteristics.  This system is geared toward the needs of youths who will generally be remaining in the community but have specific needs.  Residental and detention placements can also be tracked as applicable.

We will be adding a video demo shortly.  If you would like to see a demo, please contact us at

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